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Financial Education Videos

 Cash for Clunkers
 Cash for Clunkers Keep Rolling
 Is Your Car Worth Less Than You Owe?
Banking Videos
 Bank Overdraft Fees on the Rise
 Credit Union Benefits
 Credit Union Partnership
 The End of Free Checking Accounts?
 Get Ready for New Bank Fees
 How Bank Policies Are Affecting You
 How the Stock Market Affects Your Personal Finances
 Save Money with Credit Union Membership
Budgeting & Saving Videos
 Boosting Your Income
 The Budget of the Future!
 Budgeting with the Connors - Part One
 Budgeting with the Connors - Part Two
 Celebrate Your Financial Independence
 Creating a Budget
 Creating a Crisis Budget
 Creating Your Spending Plan
 Cutting the Cord on Cable TV
 Emotional "Budget Busters"
 Financial Goals
 Financial Independence
 Getting Hooked on Budgeting
 Going "Beyond" the Purchase
 How to Change Your Life for Under $50 a Month
 How to Make the Most of Your Paycheck
 How to Trick Yourself into Spending Wisely
 I Don't Earn Enough to Save Money
 Is It Time to Cut the Cable TV?
 Is Saving Money Bad for the Economy?
 Know Your Money
 A Little Extra Money in Your Paycheck
 Making Smart Financial Choices
 Master Your Money with Free On-Line Tools
 Reinvent Your Relationship with Money
 Save Big on Your Summer Vacation
 Saving Money Around the House
 Saving Money on Child Care Costs
 Saving Money on Gasoline
 Saving Money on Life
 Saving Money on Miscellaneous Expenses
 Saving Money on Travel Expenses
 Saving Money With Social Media
 Simplifying Your Financial Life
 Specific Financial Goals
 Spending Habits
 Spending Plans
 That 70's Budget: Going Retro with Your Money
 What Are Your Wants and Needs?
 Winterizing Your Home
Collections Videos
 Bill Collectors
 Bill Collectors and Your Rights
 Can't Pay Your Debt? Go to Jail!
 Collection Account Repayment Plans
 The CFPB Tames Debt Collectors
 Dealing with Aggressive Debt Collectors
 How to Deal with "Ruthless" Bill Collectors
Credit & Credit Card Videos
 Are Credit Cards Making a Comeback?
 Are You Hurting Your Credit?
 Busting Common Credit Score Myths
 Consumer Credit Card Debt
 Credit Cards
 Credit Cards and Poor Credit
 Credit Card Fees
 Credit Card Interest Rates Part 1 (WWLP 22News)
 Credit Card Interest Rates Part 2 (WWLP 22News)
 Credit Card Offers Making a BIG Comeback
 Credit Reports
 Credit Scores
 Credit Score Secrets Revealed
 Credit Tips for Senior Citizens
 Does the Credit Card Industry Need to be Regulated?
 Even More Changes to Credit Card Rules
 Free Access to Your Credit Score
 How Credit Scores Affect Your Life
 Identity Theft
 Is the Credit Card Act Hurting Credit Scores?
 Is a Free Credit Report Really Free?
 Managing Good Credit
 New Credit Card Law Takes Effect
 New Credit Report Tracks Our Financial Behavior
 Online Safety
 Safeguard Your Finances While Traveling
 Think Twice Before Closing a Credit Card
 Think You Know Your Credit Score? Think Again!
 Types of Credit Cards
 What FICO 08 Means to Your Credit Score
 What You May Not Know About Credit Cards
Credit Counseling Videos
 Debt Repayment Strategies
 Eliminating Debt
 How Credit Counseling Helps
 How to Choose a Credit Counseling Agency
 Talk Your Way Out of Debt
 The Importance of Creditor Funded Credit Counseling
 What is a Debt Management Plan?
 Will Credit Counseling Hurt Your Credit Score?
Financial Crisis Videos
 Debt Management and Credit Scores
 Debt Settlement
 Debt Settlement Companies Under Scrutiny
 Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management
 Debt Settlement: Telling the Good Guys from the Bad Guys
 Do Debt Settlement Programs Work?
 Exposing Children to Financial Problems Can Be Harmful
 Financial Stress in the Workplace
 Finding Legitimate Debt Relief
 Friends, Family, and Money Don't Mix
 How to Deal with Debts of the Deceased
 Is It Time to Forgive Consumer Debt?
 Managing a Financial Crisis
 New Rules to Govern Debt Settlement Companies
 Payday Loans
 Protecting Yourself Against Financial Scams
 The Cost of Debt Settlement
 The Financial Crisis: One Year Later
 Three Easy Steps to Reduce Financial Stress
 Warning: The New Debt Settlement Rules Are Here
 What to Consider When You Consider Bankruptcy
 Why We're Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Government & Regulation Videos
 America Loses its AAA Credit Rating
 America: Land of the Free, Home of the Poor
 Hefty Tax Returns for Parents and Students
 How the Census Affects Your Wallet
 How the United Way's 2-1-1 Can Help You
 How to File a Complaint with Your Attorney General
 How Would You Fix the Economy?
 Major Changes in Store for Credit Cards
 Managing Finances During a Recession
 Mixed News About Our Economic Recovery
 Money Matters Today
 New Financial Reform Bill Nears Signing
 Recession Survival Guide: Financial Blogs
 Tax Refund Tips
 Tax Refunds (WWLP 22News)
 The Number One Lesson From the Recession is…
 The Recession is Over…Now What?
 Watch Out for Rapid Refund Tax Loans?
 What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund?
 What We (Should Have) Learned From the Recession
 White House Unveils MoneyAsYouGrow.org
 Why Are Health Care Costs so High?
 Will Economic Recovery Continue in 2011?
Holiday Spending Videos
 Avoiding Long-Term Holiday Debt
 CNBC Debt Interview
 Digging Out from Holiday Debt
 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips
 New Year's Resolutions - Part 1
 New Year's Resolutions - Part 2
 Preparing for Next Year's Holidays
 Saving Money on Holiday Shopping
 Thrifty Thanksgiving
Housing & Mortgage Videos
 "Underwater" Homeowner Program Extended
 (EHLP) Emergency Homeowner Loan Program
 Avoiding Mortgage Modification Scams
 Do Mortgage Modifications Hurt Credit Scores?
 Do You Need Renters Insurance?
 First-Time Home Buyers
 Home Affordable Refinance Program Gets a Makeover
 Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan
 How to Choose an Affordable Mortgage
 Information First-Time Homebuyers Need to Know
 Is Now a Good Time for "You" to Buy a Home?
 Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?
 Late Mortgage Payments Hurt Your Credit
 Mortgage Down Payments
 New Second Mortgage Modifications
 Obama's Housing Program: One Month Later
 Reverse Mortgage Basics
 Shopping for a Home
 The Benefits of Housing Counseling
 The Importance of Homeownership
 The Stress of Foreclosure
 Walking Away from Your Home is Not Always the Best Option
 What You Need to Know about Reverse Mortgages
Jobs & Employment Videos
 How to Ask for a Raise in a Difficult Economy
 How to Bring You’re A-Game to a Job Interview
 How to Stand Out During a Job Interview
 How to Survive and Thrive in the Workplace
 Looking for a Job? It's All About Who You Know!
 New Rules for Collecting Unemployment Benefits
 Older Employees are Back in Demand
 Planning For a Job Crisis
 The Psychological Impact of Unemployment
 Using the Internet to Find Employment
Kids & College Student Videos
 Allowance Basics
 Financial Mindset of Young Adults
 Finding a Job After College
 Happy Graduation - Pay Up!
 Help for Grads Drowning in Student Loan Debt
 Help for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
 Pre-Paid Credit Cards for Youth
 Preparing for a Baby
 Repaying Student Loans In a Difficult Economy
 Sesame Street Program Teaches Kids About Money
 Student Loan Repayment Options
 Tackling Your Finances After College
 Teaching Kids the Value of Money
 Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance
 What College Students Need to Know About Money
Miscellaneous Videos
 Becoming Your Own Financial Guru
 Family Mint's Money Management Certification Program
 Financial Literacy
 Financial Literacy: You Pay for What You Don't Know!
 Financial Records
 Guessing Game at the Gas Pump
 Happiness for Sale - Cheap!
 Have Americans Been Bred to Consume?
 How to Have a Successful Yard Sale
 If You Don't Like Your Life, Change it!
 MassMutual's LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program
 Mindfulness Meditation
 Numbers Game
 Saving Financial Records
 Transparency Project
 Will the $26 Billion Mortgage Settlement Help You?
 Your Best Financial Move in 2010 is…
Retirement & Investing Videos
 The Future of Retirement
Cambridge Commercials
 You've Got a Friend in the Business (60 Second Spot)
 Free Product Trials (the Devil IS in the Details!)
 Jordan Goodman Infomercial
 A Simpler, Safer Way Out of Debt
 Cambridge Credit: A Simpler Way
 A Simpler, Safer Way Out of Debt
 >CCCC A Simpler Way 2011
 A Simpler Way
 The "Joneses" Are Broke…and We're Next!
 EPISODE 33 Youtube HQ
 Your Money 2.0
 Jordan Goodman on "Studio B" (Fox News)
 Keeping Money on Your Mind
 Personal Finance Rally (MA)
 Better Business Bureau
 Lonely Man National Spot
 Reality Store
 Net Gain Program

Financial Education Articles

Budgeting & Saving Articles
 -Creating a budget
 -Creating a crisis budget
 -Cutting cable costs
 -Financial tips for couples
 -Holiday spending
 -How to select consumer credit counseling agency
 -Living within your means
 -Managing a checkbook
 -Singles and money
 -Utility bill budget plans
Credit& Credit Card Articles
 -Credit card balance transfers
 -Credit basics
 -Credit card applications
 -Credit card bill collectors
 -Credit card payoff calculator
 -Credit card protection fraud
 -Credit card insurance
 -Credit card minimum monthly payments
 -Credit card rewards
 -Credit reports
 -Credit scores and insurance
 -Credit terms
 -Debt-to-income ratio
 -Dispute credit reports
 -FICO expansion scores
 -How credit cards work
 -Reestablish good credit
 -Safeguard your finances while traveling
 -Understand credit scores
 -Using credit responsibly
 -What is a charge-off?
 -What is Credit Counseling?
 -What is good credit?
Disaster Preparedness
 -Why should you be prepared?
 -Emergency kits
Financial Crisis Articles
 -Advice if you don't need a DMP
 -Can't afford DMP payment
 -Effects of financial stress
 -Financial stress and your health
 -Dealing with high energy costs
 -Layoffs and income reductions
 -Living with uneven income
 -Loss of income
 -Truth about payday loans.
 -Unemployed spouse
 -What is debt settlement
Government & Regulations Articles
 -Equal Opportunity Credit Act
 -Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
 -Federal Reserve (The Fed)
 -Gross domestic product
 -Service Members' Civil Relief Act
 -What is a recession?
 -Where do taxes go?
 -What to do with tax returns?
Housing & Mortgage Articles
 -Cash out refinancing
 -Foreclosure prevention
 -Mortgage basics
 -Mortgage calculator
 -Mortgage downpayments
 -Mortgage Modifications
 -Mortgage shopping tips
 -How do reverse mortgages work
 -Shopping for a home
 -Winterizing your home
Kids & College Student Articles
 -Allowance basics
 -Back-to-school savings
 -Budgeting for a baby
 -Children and money management
 -College students and credit cards
 -College tuition basics
 -Direct loans
 -Direct PLUS loans
 -Financial literacy for teens
 -FFEL Loans
 -Health education assistance loans
 -Money saving tips for students
 -Perkins Loans
 -Preparing for a new baby
 -Raising kids on one income
 -Stafford loans
 -Student loan debt consolidation
 -Student loan deferment and forbearance
 -Student loan forgiveness,cancellation, and discharge
 -Student loan glossary
 -Teen drivers and auto insurance
 -Teaching kids the value of money
 -Young adults and the economy
Retirement & Investing Articles
 -Life insurance basics
 -Retirement planning
 -Saving and investing
 -What is a 401(k)?