The Cambridge Mission

Cambridge is committed to the holistic treatment of consumer debt. We accomplish this by offering the education, tools, advice and remedies that address all sources of debt that individuals and families may have, including solutions for credit card, housing and student loan debt.

Vision Statement

Cambridge Credit Counseling will reshape the foundation of non-profit debt relief services and emerge as the leader and gold-standard model for the industry. We are resolved to decrease personal consumer debt and build a more financially strong and educated society.

Quality Policy

Cambridge Credit Counseling is committed to utilizing the principles of continuous quality improvement by establishing and maintaining a quality management system to benefit our customers, our company, and all interested parties whenever possible. This commitment includes providing the highest level of quality throughout every aspect of our business practices. Specifically, Cambridge is committed to:

  • Providing our customers with superior debt management services, tools, and financial education to help them reduce or eliminate debt;
  • Satisfying all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements necessary to administer our services;
  • Providing our employees with a suitable working environment and giving them the tools, training, and support needed to grow within our agency;
  • Adhering to the policies of our client’s creditors to ensure program success, timely payments, and acceptable plan proposals; and
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of all interested parties and working to continually improve their satisfaction.

For more information about Cambridge's Quality Management System, please click here to email our Quality Assurance Manager.

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