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Our non-profit program can help you responsibly pay off your debts while saving an average of 25% on your monthly payments!

Get out of credit card debt fast with our proven, safe and effective debt relief solution

You could reduce your monthly credit cards, store cards and other unsecured debt payments.

Welcome to Cambridge Credit Counseling. We are a non-profit debt relief agency and we've been helping people resolve their debt issues for 25 years. Cambridge was founded with one mission: to help people get out of credit card debt as fast as possible and provide them with the support and resources to help them through their journey towards financial freedom.

Our program is simple. When you consolidate your debts with us, you'll make just one payment to our agency and we'll disburse payments to each of your creditors on your behalf. In turn, creditors can offer a variety of benefits to help you eliminate your debt in a fraction of the time if would take you on your own making just the minimum payments.

The benefits of our program include:

Reduced Interest Rates

Average credit card interest rates reduced from 22% to 8% or even 0%

Monthly Payment Savings

Our typical clients save an average of $135 on their monthly payments

FAST, Safe Debt Repayment

Cambridge clients typically pay their debts in full in about 40 months

Since we're a non-profit agency, we are fully committed to getting you out of debt as quickly as possible while saving you the most money every month. the one-on-one consultation and budget review with one of our certified credit counselors is absolutely free.

Find out if our non-profit program can help you and your family.

You could save an average of 25% on your monthly debt payments!

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