How do I get out of credit card debt?

  •    We help by consolidating your credit card bills into one payment
  •    We work with your creditors to reduce your interest rates
  •    We save our average clients 25% on their credit card payments
  •    We reduce our clients' interest rates by an average of 64%
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How can Cambridge help me get out of credit card debt?

At Cambridge Credit Counseling, we help people get out of debt every day. One common question we get is, "how do I get out of debt? I'm barely able to pay my current debts!" For nearly two decades, we've helped millions of people get out of debt, whether it's by providing financial education or by establishing a plan to pay your debt affordably, while saving money. Our highly experienced team of credit counselors are trained to find ways to help you get out of debt in the fastest possible timeframe. Here are some common concerns our typical clients have had:

How do I get out of debt? My credit card bills are out of control!

ne of the many benefits of our credit counseling services is our ability to work with the credit card companies to reduce your credit card interest rates, allowing you to get out of debt much faster than you could on your own. In fact, our average client's interest rates are reduced from 21.68% to 8.47%, saving them an average of $142 every month!

How do I get out of debt? I'll be paying these bills forever!

Another great benefit of our program is a drastic reduction in the amount of time it will take you to get out of debt. On your own, paying just the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards, it could take decades for you to pay off your balances. At Cambridge, our average client is debt free in 3-5 years.

How can I get out of debt? I don't even know how to maintain my household budget!

That's where we come in. Before recommending any course of action, our counselors will perform an in-depth analysis of your income and expenses to determine if, and how, we may be able to help. They will help you identify ways to help reduce your expenses and help you save money.

So if you're tired of asking yourself everyday, "how do I get out of debt?," take a few minutes to complete the above form, or call 1-888-774-6595, and let Cambridge Credit Counseling show you how.

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