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Pay your credit card bills with the help of a trusted non-profit.

Excessive credit card and other unsecured debt can make it difficult for people to pay their bills and can really hinder a person's ability to get ahead in life. High credit card interest rates and fees can make it almost impossible to get the balances paid down, and it can be difficult to find the help you need to pay the bills. In fact, most of the people we speak to every day have found themselves asking, "isn't there anyone that will help me pay my bills more effectively?" At Cambridge, we're committed to helping you pay your bills and get you out of debt as quickly as possible, with the least amount of cost to you.

We offer simple, safe financial solutions to help you pay your credit card bills

There's no easy way to get out of debt, but we make the process as simple and safe as possible. If you're like most of us, you're likely not paying much more than the minimum payments on your credit cards every month, and you're probably not seeing your balances decreasing by very much. Did you know that by paying just the minimum payments on your credit card bills, it will likely take you decades to pay your balances in full? Clients who choose Cambridge to help them pay their bills are debt free in an average of just over 4 years and we are able to save them an average of $142 per month on their credit card payments.

How does Cambridge help me pay my bills?

OK, here's how the process works: First, you'll need to schedule your FREE, one-on-one debt consultation with one of our certified credit counselors. You can do that simply by completing the above form or by calling (888)764-7488. Your counselor will review your income and expenses and, together, you'll discuss a plan of action appropriate to your unique situation. If you choose to enroll in our program and allow Cambridge to help you pay your bills, you'll make ONE CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENT to our agency and we'll disburse individual payments to each of your creditors, taking the hassle out of making your monthly credit card bill payments.

What types of bills can Cambridge help me pay?

We specialize in helping people pay their credit card and other “unsecured” bills. Working with your creditors, we are typically able to obtain reductions on the interest rates and fees that your creditors are charging you, saving our clients an average of $142 every month! Although we aren’t able to help you pay your secured bills (mortgage, auto loans, etc.) or your monthly utility bills (electricity, heat, phone, etc.), the amount of money we are typically able to save you every month will help to provide more of a cushion to pay these other bills.

Schedule a FREE debt consultation with one of our certified counselors!

Here's what some of our credit counseling clients are saying:

"I decided to contact Cambridge to get the assistance. Their team was friendly, very helpful, and knowledgeable. The program went smoothly after it was all set up, so I have no complaints. I’m done with the program and Cambridge had all my debt cleared off."

- Walter, OH

"We were in a tremendous debt and I was out of work so I reached out to Cambridge. They were professional, helpful and they were able to lower my interest rate. I've had sessions with them earlier on fiscal responsibility and things of that nature so it helped me learn about those. It's been a positive experience."

- Adrianne, Ellenwood, GA

"We had a lot of credit card debt and we just wanted to get back on track, so we went to them and they did great. The rep was very professional and helpful. He got us hooked up in all the right ways that we needed to. Then we just made our payment and they sent us our e-mail statements. It's pretty easy. I'm a lot smarter about how we do our money now, and we keep our credit cards down to a minimum. I'd recommended Cambridge."

- Jeffrey, Spokane, WA

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