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Welcome to Cambridge Credit Counseling! We are a non-proft credit counseling agency offering programs and services to people looking to improve their financial circumstances and get to a better place financially. Our Financial Excellence (CFX) program was developed to assist people who have had issues with credit and/or debt in an effort to increase their ability to meet their financial goals. CFX is a great option if you are looking to:

  •   Responsibly improve your credit score
  •   Purchase or refinance a home
  •   Purchase or refinance an automobile
  •   Increase savings
  •   Reduce or eliminate debt
  •   Afford the lifestyle that you want

When you enroll in our CFX program, you'll get paired you with a certified credit counselor, or "coach", who will work with you every step of the way to improve your financial situation to give you the best chance to meet your goals.

Your journey to Financial Excellence starts with Cambridge.

Financial Health Scan

Begin your journey by assessing your financial health level

One-on-one coaching

Work with a certified counselor to establish and execute a plan

Tools and Insights

Optimize your credit, budget, and finances with powerful tools

Identify weaknesses in your financial profile.
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The CFX Pyramid...
it all starts with a plan.

Achieving financial freedom isn't something happens overnight. There are no "quick fixes", regardless of what you see on TV. However, through CFX, you and your coach will work together to establish a plan for success, customized to your specific financial goals.

The CFX Pyramid is our framework for personal financial success. It visualizes the importance of establishing basic foundations like budgeting and credit before scaling the pyramid to achieve aspirations of higher levels, such as great experiences, material things, security, and retirement. The Pyramid is the high-level roadmap for you to follow to achieve financial excellence.

Financial Excellence Scan

The first thing you'll need to do is participate in our FREE FINANCIAL EXCELLENCE SCAN. This scan analyses weaknesses in your financial profile that could be hindering you from reaching financial excellence.

Once your scan is complete, you'll be connected with one of our certified counselors to begin your journey to financial excellence and take advantage of all the benfits of having a strong financial profile.