Non-profit debt relief can help you get out of debt fast!

  •    FACT: American households have an average of $15,000 in credit card debt
  •    FACT: Many of us can only afford to make the minimum payments every month
  •    FACT: Making just the minimum payments on your credit cards will take decades to pay off
  •    FACT: Our clients get out of credit card debt in an average of just 50 months!

Why do so many people need relief from credit card debt?

We talk to thousands of people every year who find themselves struggling to get out of credit card debt. The reasons can range from poor money management skills to a lack of financial literacy to just simply charging more than they can afford to pay off. It’s true; credit cards are great to have for an emergency if you lack savings. Let’s say your hot water heater breaks and you don’t have the money in savings to pay for a new one. You need hot water, so buying an item like this on a credit card may be the only way some of us could make that purchase.

However, many of us simply use credit cards inappropriately, or we don’t understand how easy it is to get behind. We’ve found that the one of the factors that contributes to credit card debt is that people don’t understand how minimum monthly payments work. Think about this: You make a $1,000 purchase on your credit card that charges an 18% annual percentage rate (APR). Your minimum monthly payment on this expense would only be about $25, depending on how your bank calculates the minimum payment. But if you were to make just the minimum monthly payment on this expense, it would take you about 113 months to pay this balance in full…a little under a decade!

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How does a debt relief company help me get out of credit card debt?

There are plenty of debt relief options out there for people trying to get out of credit card debt, but debt consolidation from a non-profit agency is still the least expensive and most effective option to safely and responsibly pay down your debt. In the above example, we know that it will take close to 10 years to pay off a $1,000 purchase making the minimum monthly payment. Through our debt relief program, you can have this same balance paid off in just about 50 months…a little over 4 years! It may sound too good to be true, but it’s a fact. Plus, there are other benefits to using a program like ours to pay off your credit card debt. Throughout their enrollment, our typical clients also save an average of 25% on their monthly payments! So it can actually cost you LESS to pay off your debt while still doing so in about 4 years. Here’s how:

When you work with a non-profit debt relief agency like Cambridge, you’ll be eligible for a variety of benefits that have been established through our relationship with your credit card company. Almost every major bank will offer some level of benefit for consumers who enroll in our program. These benefits usually include:

Interest rate reductions: On average, on their own, our typical clients are paying about 22% as an annual percentage rate on their credit cards. Through our program, creditors will reduce this interest rate to an average of 8%, which is a 64% reduction! Now, there will be a lot more of your monthly payment going toward paying off the actual balance instead of going toward paying the interest. This is how we are usually able to reduce your monthly payment while getting you out of debt faster than you could on your own.

Elimination of fees: Another great benefit of our debt relief program is the elimination of certain late and/or over-limit fees that you may have incurred. Some creditors will eliminate some of these fees which will lower your total balance, making it even quicker for you to get out of debt.

Re-Aging Past Due Accounts: If your account is being reported as past-due on your credit report, this could have a dramatic negative affect on your credit score. As a result of your enrollment with Cambridge, some creditors will start reporting your account as being current.

I want to learn more. What’s the next step?

In order to determine if you would benefit from a debt consolidation program, you’ll first need to speak with a certified credit counselor, which you can do by either completing the form above or by calling (800) 235-1407. Our counselors will provide a 100% FREE, no-obligation debt consultation to review your income and expenses, and determine spending habits that may have contributed to your credit card debt. They’ll work with you on creating a customized action plan that’s unique to your particular situation.

If our experts determine that you would get credit card debt relief from our debt reduction services, they’ll offer to consolidate your credit card bills into ONE SIMPLE MONTHLY PAYMENT. By consolidating your credit card bills with us, you may be eligible for a variety of program benefits, such as reduced interest rates, elimination of late and/or over-limit fees, and even re-aging past-due accounts to a current status. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of sending just one payment to us, and we’ll pay all of your credit card debts on your behalf every month.

Why Choose Cambridge Credit Counseling?

There are several reasons why you’d want to choose Cambridge Credit Counseling for consolidating your credit card bills. For starters, Cambridge is one of the most experienced debt reduction services agencies in the country. Our certified counselors have an average of 13+ years' experience with our agency and they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find credit card debt relief. Cambridge also maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’re proud to be the #1-rated debt consolidation services company in America according to We encourage you to read some of the many reviews on,. These reviews are all from current or former clients that we’ve helped consolidate credit card bills over the years.

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