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Cambridge Credit Counseling
In The Community

In addition to our one-on-one counseling services, Cambridge has developed and instituted innovative and effective community outreach programs that have allowed us to provide our valuable financial literacy education to thousands of people throughout our area and across the country. Cambridge's Education Department staff offers and conducts its seminars for social service agencies, traditional and vocational high schools, colleges, veterans groups, housing and homeownership assistance organizations, correctional authorities and other non-profit entities throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Good Payer (www.GoodPayer.com)

www.GoodPayer.com contains roughly 150 pages of articles covering a wide range of financial topics. It also provides downloadable versions of our guidebooks and lesson plans, as well as contact information for agencies that offer services beyond Cambridge's expertise.

Your Money 2.0

With more than 150 million Americans active on the Internet, Cambridge Credit Counseling has been increasing its online education efforts. We launched our new online news program, Your Money 2.0, on February 23, 2009. The weekly program highlights the most relevant financial stories of the day, and provides insight as to how these events may affect the average consumer.

Weekly programs are available Cambridge's YouTube page, www.youtube.com/CambridgeCredit, and are offered for free to financially themed sites across the Internet. Along with our Your Money 2.0 webisodes, Cambridge has posted thirty educational videos based on our organization's Learn Now or Pay Later financial literacy series. Among the topics discussed are credit reports and scores, the economy, budgeting, and identity theft, just to name a few. Since the first videos were posted in April 2008, our Youtube videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Money America Radio Program

Cambridge Credit Counseling and American International College (A.I.C.) co-produced a weekly radio program to help residents of Western Massachusetts learn about the financial issues that may be affecting them. The radio show, Money America, was hosted by Cambridge’s Community Outreach Director, Thomas Fox, and by A.I.C. alum H. LaValle Smith, a nationally certified credit and housing counselor. Each week the program focused on an important financial topic, including foreclosure prevention, managing credit and debt more effectively, and a host of other timely issues. The station broadcasts in the Springfield, MA area and on the Internet at www.aic.edu/hot919.An estimated 20,000 listeners tuned in to the program each week. Visit our Money America page to see a list of some of the guests that appeared on this show.

Cambridge Quarterly

Since 1997, Cambridge has distributed The Cambridge Quarterly to all clients utilizing our services. This newsletter represented our first efforts to educate the community, and its longevity is a testament to its value. Four times per year, our clients are provided with valuable financial information, along with news about creditor policy changes, federal and state law revisions, and other Cambridge educational initiatives. Visit our Education Page to view the current and past editions of the Cambridge Quarterly

Learn Now or Pay Later Financial Literacy Guides

Our principal guidebook for adult consumers, the 69-page Financial Wellness Guide, now in its third edition, is distributed at no cost to all consumers who complete a financial analysis. It is also downloadable for free on our financial education by any consumer who accesses our financial literacy website, www.goodpayer.com, or by visiting our Education Page. The guide covers the fundamentals of credit and debt, budgeting, credit scores and reports, re-establishing credit, dealing with bill collectors, and establishing appropriate savings.

Our second edition financial guide for young adults also covers the fundamentals of credit and debt, and includes units on budgeting, checking and checkbook reconciliation, saving and investing, credit scores and reports, and the cost of credit. The young adult guides are distributed at no cost to each of the high school, college, and vocational school students who participate in our seminars, and are also downloadable for free from our financial literacy website, www.goodpayer.com, or by visiting our Education Page.

Community Seminars

Every year, our staff conducts hundreds of free financial wellness seminars throughout our area. We provide educational services to the Springfield chapter of Habitat for Humanity, to residents of area homeless shelters, to participants in several VA housing programs, as well as to students in our local colleges, high schools and Job Corps. Pre-purchase seminars for prospective homeowners are also offered by members of Cambridge's Housing Counseling Department. Click Here to see a list of the seminars that we have conducted.