A toddler in a shirt and tie holding cash.

Allowance Basics

Some parents feel that their children should not get an allowance simply because they need to do their part to support the family. But, giving an allowance can help teach kids the very basics of money management.

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An excited toddler holding a sign that says BACK TO SCHOOL

Back-to-School Savings

Another unavoidable expense occurs when it's time to send the kids back to school. As any parents know, kids can grow at an alarming rate, making it necessary to purchase all new clothes. And, let's not forget about all of the supplies needed!

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An infant playing with money.

Budgeting for a Baby

As we've discussed time and time again, having a working household budget is critical to financial success. But, what happens to your budget when the expense of a new baby is factored in? We'll show you.

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A young girl putting money into a piggy bank.

Children and Money Management

Many children today still lack the fundamental principles of money management. Since the subject is rarely taught as part of their school curriculum, the responsibility falls on the parents. Learn how to introduce money management into your child's life.

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A teenage girl holding a piggy bank and a credit card.

Financial Literacy for Teens

Teenagers who don't understand the basic principles of money management may have a more difficult financial future than those who do. Fortunately, it's never too late to teach your teenagers the fundamentals of how to manage their financial lives.

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A newborn baby sleeping.

Preparing for a New Baby

Having a child enter your world will undoubtedly change the way you manage your finances. We've got some ideas that could help parents be better prepared financially for when the new baby arrives.

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A single mother playing alone with her two children.

Raising Kids on One Income

Every parent knows how expensive it can be to raise a child. Most households maintain two steady incomes in order to make ends meet and to provide a stable life for their children. But often, the household only has one income to rely on. Here are some tips that we hope will save you money and be better prepared for your child's future.

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A father teaching his son to save money.

Securing Your Child's Credit Future (The Simple Dollar)

Our friends at The Simple Dollar have created this useful guide to help parents promote responsible financial habits throughout all phases of their child's development. From pre-school to high school and everything in between, this guide will provide parents with the tools needed to help their child become a responsible consumer. This is a must-read guide for all parents.

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A young girl scratching her head holding cash.

Teaching Kids the Value of Money

Kids, especially younger ones, have no real concept of money. They probably know that mom and dad have the money, but likely don't truly understand what it takes for them to obtain it. Teaching kids the value of the almighty dollar will help them appreciate it more and, hopefully, will help them to better understand why we can't buy them everything they see on TV!

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