A foreclosure sign in front of a house.

How to Prevent a Foreclosure

When homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments, one action that a lender can take is to foreclose on the home. If you're a homeowner struggling to keep up with their payments, or if you foresee a problem with making your payments in the future, don't delay...take action immediately!

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A reverse mortgage contract.

How Do Reverse Mortgages Work

Reverse mortgages have gained in popularity in recent years. Seniors who are at least 62 years of age may qualify for a reverse mortgage, but they should be aware of all of the pros and cons.

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A jar labeled HOUSE full of money to save for a mortgage downpayment.

Mortgage Downpayments

How much should you put down on a mortgage? What is PMI? How does the size of a downpayment affect my mortgage payments? Learn more about mortgage downpayments right here.

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A couple speaking to a real estate agent.

Mortgage Basics

Do you know what makes up your mortgage payment? Are your property taxes included? What about your homeowners insurance? We'll teach you about the different types of mortgages and where the money goes after you make your payment.

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An illustration of a home floating in water.

Mortgage Modifications

For homeowners who havea reduction in income, or some other change in their financial lives, and find themselves behind on their mortgage payments or foresee a problem in the future, there are options available to help. A mortgage modification can reduce your interest rate and your monthly payment, and even bring your account current.

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A female real estate agent showing a home to a young family.

Mortgage Shopping Tips

There are so many things to consider when thinking about getting a mortgage. What's your credit score? Is your credit report accurate? How do you improve your credit in order to qualify for better financing? Learn all that and more here.

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A young couple in front of a home holding a SOLD sign.

Shopping for a Home

Before you even start looking for real estate online, you should have an idea as to what you can afford. You should also know what your credit score is because your score will have a direct impact on your financing options.

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A model of a home wrapped in a scarf.

Winterizing Your Home

As the colder months start to approach, you should take some time and invest a few dollars into some basic winterizing techniques. These often simple improvements can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in the years to come.

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